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Pierson Commercial provides in-depth and expert consulting to property owners for ground up developments, land/shopping center leasing and sales strategies, land/shopping center assessments and valuations, and full marketing strategies for new and existing developments. Our process entails collaboration with client professionals from property positioning and design to successful end user results, ultimately maximizing value and profitability for our clientsassets. Pierson Commercial's experience representing retailers and property owners provides us with the knowledge of understanding critical details, desires and requirements of both the retailers and owners to optimize each property's potential.



Pierson Commercial provides a systematic and step-by-step process to marketing, leasing and selling shopping centers on behalf of property owners throughout New Jersey. Our databases, relationships and resources enable us to maximize exposure through various means of property listings to an extensive network of retailers, brokers and/or buyers.  


Our experience in the marketplace on the landlord/tenant, and buyer/seller representation sides provides us with up-to-date market knowledge, significant market relationships and the understanding of current market terms, ultimately facilitating successful leasing and sales activity for our clients.  


We only undertake assignments where we feel our firm can add value, ultimately providing the attention and energy each client requirement necessitates. In addition, communication with the client is important to the success of each assignment to assess market conditions and foster transactions from early negotiations to final lease or contract execution, as well as deploying refined marketing strategies along the way to stay competitive with our clients assets.



Pierson Commercial provides a hands-on strategic and consultative approach in representing tenants with their retail store expansions throughout New Jersey. We have a successful track-record with sourcing profitable retail locations for our many national and regional clients. 


We invest in the resources to enable real-time accurate data and information for complicated high and low-level concise decision making results.  We often have the ability to secure locations prior to them being “on the market” through our industry relationships and collaborative office approach, while simultaneously providing professional guidance on profitable deal terms for our clients.


Our detail-oriented approach includes sophisticated market data, site sourcing, professional site tours, proposal negotiation, site package preparation and lease negotiations. We pride ourselves on locating the right sites in addition to being intimately involved with the negotiation process to ensure deals are fast-tracked, while resolving issues promptly through our extensive knowledge of leases and industry standard practices.

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